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MavRen Marketing & Sales Offerings – Sales Execution Optimization

  • Business Execution Planning: How to plan how your business should progress forward on a Programmatic Basis. Done for a Business or an Individual, it is about ensuring that there is a Process in place to make sure that either the Business or Individual needs to be coordinated.
  • Customer Experience Management: Closely related to Sales is how one takes someone from a Prospect to a Customer. We work with organizations to determine what the Customer Experience Management Process should be, and recommend updates for this to increase Revenue.
  • Sales Process Definition or Refinement: Organizations need to have a Process in place. Without a process, every sales situation becomes a “One Off.” This makes it almost impossible to get repeatability or economies of scales. We define or refine the Sales Process.
  • Opportunity Review/Coaching: It is not that you don’t know how to sell. But sellers who are doing the deals are flying very close to the sun! As such, it often causes you to lose perspective. We coach people through particular situations, based on where we can go with each customer.
  • 20/20 Seller Program: A 90-day effort to work with select sellers – the intent is to move sellers into the Top 20% of all sellers in the organization. This is designed to be a concentrated effort where time is spent to get the sales force executing in a more mature fashion to overcome Issues in individual approaches. This can be done either on timed effort for MavRen or on a percent of revenue improvement achieved as a result of the effort.
  • Account Execution Planning/with or without Customer Involvement: Account Execution Planning is based on a methodology that will allow for us to build top down, then execute. It is also based on the notion that planning is not an Event: It is a Process. There 3 key Goals to Focus on no matter what: Relationship, Revenue and Customer Success. There can be more but one must have these 3 to be doing Real Account Planning.
  • Sales/Marketing Integration: How to integrate these 2 functions together in an intelligent fashion with a single process defining both.
  • Global Support: We have experience working in 22 Countries and have executed on these areas in many. We are aware of the Business Customs in many.
  • Partner Integration/Planning: How to ensure that your relationship with a Partner will be Mutually Beneficial, with real action plans, and not just a “Barney Relationship”. (Where we like each other but nothing really happens between us!)

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