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    1. In your post “Sales move as fast as trust” you say that there are 4 keys, to this end I’d appreciate it if you could elaborate on your third key being:
      # The customer must believe you actually will deliver what you promise.
      How do you do this if you have no references because it’s a new initiative.

      1. References don’t really make it in many cases. Put a Plan in Place between the 2 of you that lays out what you are going to do and what they are going to do. You Put it In Writing, and both live by it.

      1. It does depend on what you are selling. But, a few ideas are divided into 2 categories

        1. Inductive – You start the Evaluation by giving them ideas of what others have done with your Product or Service
        2. Deductive – They start the Evaluation by saying they have a Need

        So for Inductive:

        1. We have helped organization A, B, and C with this issue by helping them.
        2. We have seen organizations like yours have problem A, B, and C. Do you have similar issues?

        For Deductive:

        1. What have you done to address this issue until now?
        2. Why Now – what is prompting you to take action? Why now, why not last year or wait until next?
        3. What are your Requirements based on? What is the source of them? Did you develop them, did it come from Consultant?
        4. What is your plan to complete the Evaluation? What is your Timeframe to be and using what you seleect

        Let me know if these make sense!

      2. Claudia – the key elements in Qualification are going levels Past Interest. Interest is Nice – Think about the Combination of Urgency and Importance. Who is it Urgent to? Who is it Important to? Why is it Urgent? Why is it Important? If you can’t answer these questions as a Seller, Why are you spending time with this Prospect?

  1. Boy, it is hard out there! I am offering to help anyone with Sales Thoughts. I all they need to do is put their situation out here- no names needed, no Customer Names needed, and I will be happy to offer up ideas. Nothing to lose here folks!

  2. Question: Since you offered! I am new to my Territory selling Software. I know my products pretty well, but am trying to determine how to best get started in my Territory. I have a pretty big Geo area, but need to know where to best spend my time!

    1. You should focus on Prioiritization. Based on your Existing Base or how your company is successful in general, how well do various companies in your territory match up with your current Customers? I focus on an ABC breakup. It does depend on what you sell, but an ABC seems to be the most logical way to go.

  3. This question was interesting to me. A few thoughts: You can’t be everywhere at once. You have to Prioritize your time! I typically walk people focus on an A-B-C classification. Each Business is different, but I do think that there is a notion of Prioritization that is key. In General – A Account: You have existing Customer and they could be a bigger customer in the future. Also, Customers who Look Like Current Customer B Account: Based on Revenue and or Make up of what they do – but could be sold 2. C Account: Smaller or already using a competitive Product. Nothing guaranteed, but these are some general thoughts!

  4. I get hit a lot with issues of “Next Year vs This Year” How do I handle the pressure of having to get things in now, while trying to keep working on next year! Always an interesting topic. I will address this one next!

    1. Clearly, all of those who are in sales and faced with year end pressures just have to deal with them. However, it is very possible to Execute on the Current situation, and also focus on establishing A Vision for the Future. Most people like Vision and want to make sure that they are solving the hear and now, but also moving on with their business in the New Year!

  5. Any book or write-up you recommend which will help in implementing one sales process across hugely divergent geography among the traditional mom & pop type of distribution channel. Thanks.

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