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Sales Execution Optimization is about helping people everywhere feel more confident about where they going in Business. Everyone sells “something.” The people who are most successful are those that have a plan to be successful. There are those that either through title or role are selling today. Some are selling and don’t even realize they are. People who are struggling to get their message or vision of their product or service across are the people we are really speaking to on this show. Each week Phil Bush gives tips that you can start to utilize in your sales role to succeed. Sales Execution Optimization: the NEW SEO is broadcast live every Monday at 1 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

About The Host

Phil Bush has covered many areas in his career, but has made his major mark in sales, sales management and sales enablement. As the CEO of MavRen Marketing and Sales, Phil has worked with companies big and small in this area, including the likes of Cisco, IBM, Oracle, HP and Infor, focusing attention on their sales process, where it works, where it doesn’t and how it might be more effective in the future. At both IBM and Oracle, Phil was Director, Account Execution Planning and Sales Coach. At Cisco, he was an outside consultant focused on Account Execution Planning. He has significant international experience, has lived in two countries outside the USA and has worked in 22 other countries.

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